Learner Experience

Education Solutions to Meet You Where You Are

Getting started is easy! All of our programs have opportunities for national certification, externship placement and/or career support. For some programs, the content is facilitated by live instructors with scheduled webinars and interactive activities. You'll even have the opportunity to do in-class labs and hands-on activities as required by your program.

eLearning Process
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    Superior Content in a Convenient, Self-Paced or Hybrid Online Format

    All Learners have access to our team of program mentors and subject matter experts / professionals. Many programs even include LIVE sessions with Instructors. Learners are encouraged to complete assignments, collaborate with instructors and students in discussion threads, and to participate in the extensive labs, activities, and exercises throughout their program.

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    Secure Online Transactions & Payment Plans Available

    Our eLearning programs were designed to be short-term training solutions available at an affordable, accessible price. Contact us today to find out more about various payment options with no interest and no-credit check required as well as funding sources available to qualified students.

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    Comprehensive Student Materials - Shipped Direct to You!

    eLearning programs may require certain student materials including textbooks, eBooks, workbooks, handouts, and other materials associated with your selected program. All hard copy materials will be shipped to you at your address and access to all electronic content accompanies your eLearning program access.

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    Extensive Learner Support

    Learners have unlimited access to technical and program support through our network of student mentors and instructor resources - all dedicated to ensuring you have access to the necessary support to successfully complete your eLearning program!

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    Certification Opportunities

    Although not required to successfully complete your program, the goal of most of these programs is to prepare students for national certification. Our team of student mentors works with students, instructors and certification organizations to ensure that students interested in pursuing certification have the necessary resources to register, prepare, and take their certification exams. Our Learner Support team is standing by to help guide students through all applicable certification processes.

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    Optional Volunteer Externship Opportunity

    Once you've completed the program requirements, a dedicated Externship Coordinator will reach out to you to arrange an externship with a local employer or organization in your chosen field. This is a great opportunity to get the hands-on, real-world experience employers are looking for!

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    Career Services & Support

    From our partners at CampusEd®, all Learners will have access to this exclusive new platform aimed at connecting Learners to jobs. CampusEd® lets you plan your education experience, build a professional network, apply to jobs and earn in-demand credentials important to local companies looking for new employees just like you!